Feminist Self Defence Trainings in Klit

ankuendigung_pic_budapestReblogged from: http://klitbudapest.wordpress.com/2014/02/11/feminist-self-defence-trainings/ .  For more on Feminist self defence in general and by Rqac, read the latest Klit Newsletter.


1st TRAINING MEETING, on 22nd of february 2014

from 11:30 am – 4.30 pm including lunch break, duration 5 hrs

with rosemarie and helga

The workshop offers an introduction into self-defense and it’s feminist principles. We address gender-attacks and queer self-empowerment, however also offer space for exchange about various forms of discriminatory attacks. There will also be an introduction into basic body-techniques.

helga started training martial arts (in her 20ies) and later self defense (in her 30ies). now in her 40ies adds fighting against various forms of oppression and queer strategies – often together with rosemarie – to her concept of selfdefense.

rosemarie started her politicization with feminist self defense and later got interested in karate(in her 20ies). now (in her 30ies) she’s interested in intersecting forms of violence – often together with helga, exploring strategies as an ally and confronting own privileges.

 bring: comfortable clothes, soft shoes or socks

please bring yoga mats, if you have one


 2nd FSD training meeting: on 1st and 2nd of March 2014

from 11-14h and 15-17.30h

 with rada and suse from vienna

 we are a part of one wendo group (feminist self-defense) in vienna that is training together for about four years, although in the last year not so regularly. we both have longer experience with training feminist self-defense. suse has done a long training for a wendo trainer.

We are maybe not “professionals” (or we don’t see ourselves as such), but we would really like to share our knowledge and train together with you! we would like to support you in building a self-defense group in Budapest.

we can imagine coming to Budapest regularly, until you need supported trainings.
our invitation politix is womyn, lesbians and trans*

 At the weekend, we want to practice different techniques of self defense in a broad sense. This includes training of awareness of your own personal boundaries and how to protect them, to train how to defend yourself from sexist, homo/lesbophob, racist assaults verbally as well as physically, to train some practical and simple blocking and attacking skills and to get empowered by your own possibilities.

There is no previous knowledge required.
Please bring comfortable clothes!

Please express your interest in advance via email to mr.maja.pan@gmail.com.

Upon registration you will receive the following up data; exact time, location (it is central) etc. If you are coming from a group, for the sake of simplicity you are asked to register only once, indicating your number and names respectively. If you can attend only one training indicate it but if you want to get involved in long term group, attendance to both training is pretty necessary.

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