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Friday, November 8th, 2013

Take-home zines


Our infoshop has a nice collection of fanzines that you can read and take home. We have materials on such topics as: feminism, queer politics, radical organising, anarchist theory and practice, animal liberation, green anarchy, gentrification, patriarchy, racism, antifascism, do-it-yourself, anti-nationalism, anti-capitalism and many more.

You can find zines about struggles and resistance from occupied territories with names such as hungary, canada, france, england, u.s., romania, spain, italy, belarus, germany, poland, austria and so on. You can read them in hungarian, english, spanish, french, romanian, russian, polish etc.

All zines can be read inside the Klit space, where the infoshop is hosted. Some zines you can take home, for a small donation that we use to print other zines.

Our collection can also be used for radical events, where there is a need for a distro-table, a space where information can be distributed.

We will keep posting about some of our special zines and journals. In the meantime, visit us during Infoshop and Klit opening hours:

Read, share, and fight! knowledge is power!


Previous infoshop projects

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

The current infoshop is not the first of its kind in Budapest. for a few years already we have had different projects. We organised many events and brought a lot of people together. Here are some of the traces that we left:

What is the infoshop?

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

Despite the sprereadingad of internet and other media, access to information is still unequal and barred by censorship, surveillance and copyrights. Our infoshop is a place where you can find free printed materials (books, zines, leaflets, posters, stickers) on radical topics. It is an autonomous, self-organized and do-it-yourself project based entirely on donations. There is a large section of materials that you can take home, and the rest you can enjoy reading in Klit’s comfy lounge spaces. The infoshop is a space where you can discover and exchange ideas and thoughts, where you can have free and unlimited access to information. Our space is open to anybody, regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexuality and gender identification, regardless of their so-called education level, social status or abilities. It is a space that is free of authoritarian, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic or speciecist ideas. Our materials focus on anarcho-feminist, anti-fascist, animal liberation and ecological, DIY and punk, anti-racist and anti-nationalist issues – among others. We want to have regular events where we show underground political films, have presentations of different struggles from all over the world, and generally intermediate the exchange of ideas and stories between people that are interested in such topics.

We are hosted by Klit: