What is the infoshop?

November 2nd, 2013 by cfa

Despite the sprereadingad of internet and other media, access to information is still unequal and barred by censorship, surveillance and copyrights. Our infoshop is a place where you can find free printed materials (books, zines, leaflets, posters, stickers) on radical topics. It is an autonomous, self-organized and do-it-yourself project based entirely on donations. There is a large section of materials that you can take home, and the rest you can enjoy reading in Klit’s comfy lounge spaces. The infoshop is a space where you can discover and exchange ideas and thoughts, where you can have free and unlimited access to information. Our space is open to anybody, regardless of their race, ethnicity, sexuality and gender identification, regardless of their so-called education level, social status or abilities. It is a space that is free of authoritarian, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic or speciecist ideas. Our materials focus on anarcho-feminist, anti-fascist, animal liberation and ecological, DIY and punk, anti-racist and anti-nationalist issues – among others. We want to have regular events where we show underground political films, have presentations of different struggles from all over the world, and generally intermediate the exchange of ideas and stories between people that are interested in such topics.

We are hosted by Klit: http://klitbudapest.wordpress.com/

Anarchist Pedagogy Sessions – Reform-pedagogical currents – Waldorf, Rogers

February 5th, 2015 by cfa

We have launched a series of lectures and discussions in order to present
the initiative “The Free School of Robin Goodfellow”, and start to
build up a community of children, parents and pedagogues capable
to create and run a free school which yields an anti-authoritarian-
communitarian-revolutionary education.

Location of the events: MÜSZI, 1085 Budapest, Blaha Lujza tér 1.
(Corvin department store, 4th floor, entrance from Somogyi Béla utca,
a big green door with the logo of MÜSZI, if it’s closed, ring the bell!)

Date and time: The first Sunday of every month, from 3 p.m. till 6 p.m.
Participation is free, there’s a playing room for the children.

On 1st of February 2015, the topic is “Reform-pedagogical currents 1. (Waldorf, Rogers)”.


en poster

click for large!

From horizontalism to anti-authoritarianism: decision making models and the anarchist tradition

February 5th, 2015 by cfa

Morze Infoshop Budapest Event


During this meeting we will discuss and share experiences about the challenges of intra-group consensus oriented politics. If in one of the previous meetings we focused on exploring the relationship between the anarchist tradition and consensus politics from a historical perspective, this meeting is devoted to exploring the meaning of horizontalism and consensus in a more synchronic fashion, with regard to the immediate challenges it poses to organizing on a local level and the everyday functioning of political groups. “What kind of political imaginary and ethical commitments are the foundation of consensus based decision-making models? How can we carry it out in practice and what are its limits? How does consensus politics deal with the relationship between formal and informal hierarchies?” are some of the questions we will explore. We invite anyone interested in sharing their experience or simply interested in exploring the topic to join us.

TIME: February 10, 18:30

PLACE: Massolit Books, Nagy Diofa 30

Morze inforshop page: http://morzeinfoshop.noblogs.org/


Translating Anarchy

June 30th, 2014 by cfa

This event is an invitation to discuss together with author Mark Bray the insights and conclusions of his recently published book, Translating Anarchy. In Translating Anarchy Mark Bray combines his direct experience as an organizer with Occupy Wall Street with nearly 200 interviews with the most active architects of the movement. The book tells the story of the anti-capitalist anti-authoritarians of Occupy Wall Street who strategically communicated their revolutionary politics to the public in a way that was both accessible and revolutionary. The book also addresses the limits and the shortcomings of the strategic decisions behind one of the most dynamic American social movements in decades. The event is also an invitation to sharing regional experiences and discussing organizing challenges in contemporary anti-authoritarian movements that have been an influence for, or influenced by, Occupy Wall Street. We hope that the meeting will serve as a forum for sharing experiences that can contribute to translating anarchy into regional tactics with an internationalist outlook.

WHEN: July 1st, 6pm

WHERE: Golya, Bokay Janos ut. 34



DEMO zine

April 30th, 2014 by cfa

We put all our stuff together, plus some other contributions from friends, and look what came out: the Budapest Infoshop Zine, in demo version! Download it, read it and spread it like vegan chocolate!

infoshop zine cover photo mojito portrait








Write us about it at Budapestinfoshop [at] riseup [dot] net

Gender Train

April 2nd, 2014 by cfa

Next Monday we will have a discussion with the folks from Gender Train. Here’s their description: ‘We are a group of 15 feminists, 20-70 years old, traveling through Europe in a project called the Gender train. The project is organized by Kvinnofolkhögskolan, a feminist folk high school for women and transgender persons located in Gothenburg, Sweden.’

We will be talking about the current political situation in hungary, and also about the work that we do in Klit.

Plus, we’ll have a fresh set of zines that you can read or take home – so come check it all out Monday the 8th April, at 6pm in Klit.

Oh, and if you still don’t know where Klit is, send an email to fork [at] riseup [dot] net.



Call for Solidarity and Donations for KLIT

March 22nd, 2014 by cfa


KLIT: A Queer Feminist Community Safe Space in Budapest (Hungary) needs your help NOW!


Who we are

Two years ago, we began to work on building up a queer feminist community space here in Budapest. Now KLIT hosts seven different non-institutional groups covering topics from trans* issues to radical high-school activism. We are currently seven activist groups in KLIT: The Radical Queer Affinity Collective, the Freeshop Collective, TransVanilla, TETT, Rhythms of Resistance, the Infoshop Collective and the New Wave Faggots.

Due to conservative political pressures and heavy cracking down on alternative uses of urban space, our main allied cultural centers in Budapest have been closed down over the past two years. Although it is not presented in international media, Budapest’s micropolitics systematically target politically critical spaces, homeless, independent artists, anarchists, non-national anything, migrants, women, LGBT (for example: http://rqac.wordpress.com/2013/03/30/rqacs-statement-on-the-police-invasion-of-the-dragq-2-0-show-in-siraly/).

Under the current political conditions, it is practically impossible to squat. Since most alternative spaces have been evicted, the needs of our space has grown as many of our allied groups and individuals have turned to KLIT. In KLIT, our groups screen films, conduct workshops, run an infoshop, a free shop, share knowledge and skills on DIY activities, hold assemblies, host activists in need, organize and participate in demonstrations.


Why we need your support

The safety of our space has been and is a priority and necessary condition for our actions. Due to the current themes that we work on, such as gender, sexuality, migration, we need to pay for the rent of this space in order to keep KLIT as it is: a dedicated safe space for women, queer and trans*people!

We are getting evicted now! The only thing we need money for is rent to cover the remaining 2 months of our stay in the current location. So far this has been covered for 18 months by FRIDA: the Young Feminist Fund. Through our various activities, we have exhausted this funding. So we need around 1000 Euros to bring us through May 2014, until we find together with our allies another solution. If you have the capacity to throw a solidarity party for our community, or any other way to fundraise to meet our goal, it would be empowering for us.

If you want to know more or have any questions, check our blog klitbudapest.wordpress.com or write to fork@riseup.net.


Info-night on struggles from Hamburg

March 18th, 2014 by cfa

Infoevent and talk with activist from hamburg:

– here to stay- protest, strategies, solidarity and shared struggle of a political scene and
refugee protest, actions, problems, repression.
lets take back what is ours – citys, spaces, houses, everything – no
nation! no border!












WHEN: Monday, 24th March, 6pm

WHERE: Klit [in the underground caverns of budapest, so secret that it;s not even on facebook]

write to fork [at] riseup [dot] net to ask for exact location


DIY Stencil Workshop in Klit

March 14th, 2014 by cfa
Stencil workshop in klit

Stencil workshop in klit

Have you ever wanted to create your own patch or t-shirt print? the radical queer affinity collective and infoshop budapest invite you to a DIY (do-it-yourself) stencil workshop where you can learn a technique of making your very own stencil.

please bring a T-shirt, a bag or any other fabric on which you wish to put your print. we provide paint and other materials.
the workshop is held in english, with a possibility to translate into hungarian and a couple of other languages:)

come and start a revolution from yourself in a good company!




Place: Klit – the most underground and secret place in Budapest!

find out where it is by writing to fork [at] riseup [dot] net  – you can do it!

Time: Monday the 17th of March at 6pm

08.03: International Women’s Day – We Refuse to be Servants! – Nem leszünk szolgák!

March 8th, 2014 by rrrxyz

refuse to be servants

Today is International Women’s Day! Come to Corvin Negyed at 16.00 and bring a pot or a pan with you, so we can create a feminist orchestra to disrupt the comfortable silence and united voice our demands!


This Saturday, on the 8th of March, we will celebrate the International Women’s Day in Budapest with a loud feminist march. Starting at 16.00 o’clock, from Corvin Negyed we will walk through the city centre to Klauzal Ter, beating on pots and pans to make noise and finally break the silence about women’s existence, and working conditions! Freedom – equality – feminism!
We, women, together with our allies, refuse to be anybody’s servants!

Woman is at first a human being and not a kind of a human, i.e. a derivative of a man. If women were primarily considered a human, universal human, just like a man is, we would consider the crimes against the women as a crimes against humanity and not as a second class offences, or as a national folklore. The average of 16 % less payment than the man earns for the same work, is a first degree crime in EU. This means that women work 59 days per year literally for free! The gender pay gap in Hungary is one of the highest in Europe. We demand equal pay for equal work!
We demand equal share of responsibilities!

None of us was born a woman. The woman is a product, the effect of a human civilisation and its history, its material productions, and is not its birthgiver. There is no essence of women, no nature of women, we refuse any such eternal biological grounds to our beings. Therefore, the feminist revolution is not simply intended for “women”, for “mothers”, “daughters” but rather against the social construction of it.

Therefore feminism is not simply a vindication of the rights of women, it is a deconstruction of exactly this production of the oppressive culture of slavery named women and womanhood. We refuse to be the second sex in any sexual contract or in any life system. We refuse to be secondary in any sense! We refuse to be a synonym for gender in general. We say “no” to the everyday sexism that surrounds us.

During the economical crisis that neoliberalist capitalists made for all of us, the women, and especially young women are extremely harmed by it. The girls from the youngest age learn to become smaller and smaller while they grow up. Did you know that only 22% of women with children return to the workplace after giving birth? We are saying “no” to the “traditional” enslavement of women as housekeepers. We say, we have had enough. Did you know that 22% of women in Europe have experienced physical and or sexual violence?

Because no woman is a tool to any imperialist, capitalist, sexist and exploatative bulshit! My body is my property! My work is my property! Do you still want to offer me a flower today?

Down with the discrimination!

The 8th of march coalition


Most szombaton, március 8-án, Budapesten hangos feminista menettel ünnepeljük a nemzetközi nőnapot. Négykor kezdünk, a Corvin-negyedtől sétálunk át a belvároson a Klauzál térre, miközben fazekakat és serpenyőket ütve keltünk hangzavart, hogy végre megtörjük a nők élet- és munkakörülményeit leplező csöndet! Szabadság – egyenlőség – feminizmus!

Mi, nők, a támogatóinkkal egyetemben, senkinek sem szolgálunk többet!

A nő elsősorban emberi lény, nem pedig egy emberféle, avagy férfiszármazék. Ha a nőket elsősorban embernek tekintenék, mindenre képes embernek, pont mint a férfit, akkor a nők ellen elkövetett bűncselekményeket az emberiség ellen elkövetett bűncselekménynek tekintenénk, nempedig másodrangú kihágásnak vagy nemzeti népszokásnak. A nők az azonos munkát végző férfiakénál átlagosan 16 %-kal alacsonyabb fizetése az egyik legsúlyosabb bűn az Európai Unióban. Ez azt jelenti, hogy a nők évente 59 napig szó szerint ingyen dolgoznak! Magyarországon a nemek közötti bérszakadék az egyik legmagasabb Európában. Egyenlő munkáért egyenlő bért! Egyenlő felelősségvállalást!

Egyikünk sem született nőként. A “nő” egy termék, az emberi civilizáció és történelem anyagi megvalósulása, nem pedig a megszülője. Nem létezik női lényeg, női természet – visszautasítjuk a létezésünk örökösen biológiailag meghatározott alapjait. Épp ezért a feminista forradalom nem egyszerűen a “nőknek”, az “anyáknak” vagy “lányoknak” szól, hanem a társadalmi konstrukció ellen irányul.

A feminizmus nem egyszerűen a nők jogainak követeléséről, hanem a nőiségnek nevezett rabszolgaság elnyomó kultúrájának lebontásáról szól. Nem leszünk többé a második nem semmilyen szexuális szerződésben vagy az élet bármely más rendszerében. Semmilyen értelemben sem leszünk másodrendűek! Nemet mondunk a minket körülvevő, mindennapi szexizmusra.

A gazdasági válságot, amit a neoliberális kapitalisták okoztak mindannyiunknak, a nők, különösképp a fiatal nők igazán megszenvedik. A legfiatalabb lányok is azt tanulják, hogyan nőjenek egyre kisebbé és kisebbé, mialatt felnőtté válnak. Tudtad, hogy szülés után csak a kisgyerekes nők 22 %-a tér vissza a munkahelyére? Nemet mondunk a nők hagyományos rabszolgasorban tartására háztartásbeliként. Azt mondjuk, elég volt. Tudtad, hogy Európában a nők 22%-a tapasztalt már fizikai és/vagy szexuális erőszakot?

Mert egy nő sem eszköz imperialista, kapitalista, szexista és kiszolgáltató baromságoknak! Az én testem az én tulajdonom! Az én munkám az én tulajdonom! Még mindig szeretnél ma virágot adni nekem?

Le a diszkriminációval!

Gyere a Corvin-negyed bevásárlóközpontja elé szombaton délután négykor, hozz magaddal egy fazekat vagy serpenyőt, hogy feminista zenekart alkotva megtörjük a kényelem csöndjét és együtt hangoztassuk a követeléseinket!

A március 8-i összefogás

The Punk Singer + Vegan Sushi = benefit party for Klit

March 4th, 2014 by cfa

Thursday, march 6th, 7pm



UPDATE: Friends and comrades, THANK you all for joining. It was a lovely evening.

thu at seven

thu at seven