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Translating Anarchy

Monday, June 30th, 2014

This event is an invitation to discuss together with author Mark Bray the insights and conclusions of his recently published book, Translating Anarchy. In Translating Anarchy Mark Bray combines his direct experience as an organizer with Occupy Wall Street with nearly 200 interviews with the most active architects of the movement. The book tells the story of the anti-capitalist anti-authoritarians of Occupy Wall Street who strategically communicated their revolutionary politics to the public in a way that was both accessible and revolutionary. The book also addresses the limits and the shortcomings of the strategic decisions behind one of the most dynamic American social movements in decades. The event is also an invitation to sharing regional experiences and discussing organizing challenges in contemporary anti-authoritarian movements that have been an influence for, or influenced by, Occupy Wall Street. We hope that the meeting will serve as a forum for sharing experiences that can contribute to translating anarchy into regional tactics with an internationalist outlook.

WHEN: July 1st, 6pm

WHERE: Golya, Bokay Janos ut. 34