From horizontalism to anti-authoritarianism: decision making models and the anarchist tradition

Morze Infoshop Budapest Event


During this meeting we will discuss and share experiences about the challenges of intra-group consensus oriented politics. If in one of the previous meetings we focused on exploring the relationship between the anarchist tradition and consensus politics from a historical perspective, this meeting is devoted to exploring the meaning of horizontalism and consensus in a more synchronic fashion, with regard to the immediate challenges it poses to organizing on a local level and the everyday functioning of political groups. “What kind of political imaginary and ethical commitments are the foundation of consensus based decision-making models? How can we carry it out in practice and what are its limits? How does consensus politics deal with the relationship between formal and informal hierarchies?” are some of the questions we will explore. We invite anyone interested in sharing their experience or simply interested in exploring the topic to join us.

TIME: February 10, 18:30

PLACE: Massolit Books, Nagy Diofa 30

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