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SUSHI FILM CLUB “The Punk Singer” in Klit

Thursday, February 27th, 2014
SUSHI FILM CLUB presents “The Punk Singer. A Movie About Katheleen Hanna”

After watching this  powerful movie, you will want to start your own riot grrrl band! Why not watching it in a good company of your potential band-mates?

Thursday, March 6th at 7 pm

Where? @KLIT

KLITTERS will serve delicious vegan sushi for PWYC (pay-what-you-can), because we need your help in sustaining our activist space!

“The Punk Singer” 80 min  –  Documentary  (2013) USA

Director:  Sini Anderson


Kathleen Hanna, lead singer of the punk band Bikini Kill and dance-punk trio Le Tigre, rose to national attention as the reluctant but never shy voice of the riot grrrl movement. She became one of the most famously outspoken feminist icons, a cultural lightning rod. Her critics wished she would just shut-up, and her fans hoped she never would. So in 2005, when Hanna stopped shouting, many wondered why. Through 20 years of archival footage* and intimate interviews with Hanna, THE PUNK SINGER takes viewers on a fascinating tour of contemporary music and offers a never-before-seen view into the life of this fearless leader.

Stars:  Kathleen Hanna, Carrie Brownstein, Kim Gordon, Joan Jett, and other awesome women you always wanted to be friends with.

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Call for Joining the Solidarity Protest Against the Potential Passage of Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

Join in solidarity with the sexual rights and human rights movement inHUMAN-RIGHTS-Uganda-lgbt-law-22 Uganda, as they work in the next few days to strategize against the passage of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. The bill seeks imprisonment of “homosexuals” for up to 14 years, without access to legal justice until after 7 days upon arrest. With neo-colonial backing and agitation from U.S. Evangelicals, the bill is a redundancy of the British Colonial Penal Code Act, which sought (and seeks) to “criminalize any person who has carnal knowledge of any person against the order of nature” (Sections 145 to 150 of the Penal Code Act)

These are the direct words from the Coalition for Human Rights and Constitutional Law in Kampala, Uganda :

“We call upon all partners, friends and allies to organize worldwide demonstrations in different cities around the world now and or in the event that this bill is passed in its current form.”

“Unfortunately, we received troubling confirmation on the 14th February 2014 from State House that President Yoweri Museveni Kaguta of the Republic of Uganda has agreed to sign the bill into law. We are not sure when he actually intends to sign the bill but from our calculations, he has until the 23rd of February to do so. Again if he does nothing by the end of 23rd February, the law presumes his assent and then all the Speaker of Parliament needs to do is to table the Bill before parliament and it becomes law. With a Speaker who has clearly shown her determination to make this Bill law, we believe she will do this as soon as the days run out. So either way, we have a limited period within which to act and if the Bill passes we need to support actions that oppose the new law. These guidelines are intended to guide international partners on how to support the CSCHRCL at this important stage.”

Where: Ugandan Consolate, Budapest, Hungary.

When: February 24, 16:30.

Infoshop radiating Monday: Into Eternity

Thursday, February 13th, 2014



Joint film screening in collaboration with Klit.

Monday, 17th of February in Klit, at 18h

Vicious Vizsla’s wrote about the film:

At our last activist dinner the discussion on current demonstrations regarding Paks facility our thoughts went to nuclear energy which made me remember the fascinating documentary film Into Eternity, dir. by Michael Madsen, in 2009. After this film, make sure you will learn and remember for good a nice, weird word in finnish language – “onkalo”.

Here’s a trailer:

Into Eternity is an unique art work that deeply explores the mind-boggling scientific and philosophical questions that long-term nuclear waste storage poses.

Structured as a message to future generations, the piece focuses on the Onkalo waste repository now under construction in Finland, one of the first underground storage facilities. Onkalo is a gigantic network of tunnels being carved out of bedrock that will start receiving Finland’s nuclear waste in 2020. Once the repository is full, in about 100 years, it will be closed and hopefully remain sealed for at least 100,000 years.into-eternity-006

Into Eternity takes viewers deep into the Onkalo facility as it is being constructed and asks Onkalo representatives, scientists, theologians and others to address fundamental but challenging questions.

How can our civilization know what the world will be like in 100,000 years? The first modern homo sapiens appeared about that long ago and no human structure has survived more than 5000 years. How can we anticipate climate and geologic changes that far in the future? What will life on our planet be like then? How do we warn distant generations of the deadly waste our civilization left behind? What languages or signs will they understand? How do we prevent them from thinking they have located the pyramids of our time or some other treasures?

With its stark, stylistic approach, the video work Into Eternity by the Danish artist Michael Madsen not only raises questions about the possibility of long-term nuclear waste storage, but also invites reflection on the limits of science and human knowledge, along with our responsibility to future generations.

Film’s special website:

Duration: film 1h 15′ and interview with Madsen 44′ (if we decide to watch it) followed by conversation. Before the film and discussion some home made fanta and pop corn will be served but not as bribery (:

email for the exact location.

Feminist Self Defence Trainings in Klit

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

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1st TRAINING MEETING, on 22nd of february 2014

from 11:30 am – 4.30 pm including lunch break, duration 5 hrs

with rosemarie and helga

The workshop offers an introduction into self-defense and it’s feminist principles. We address gender-attacks and queer self-empowerment, however also offer space for exchange about various forms of discriminatory attacks. There will also be an introduction into basic body-techniques.

helga started training martial arts (in her 20ies) and later self defense (in her 30ies). now in her 40ies adds fighting against various forms of oppression and queer strategies – often together with rosemarie – to her concept of selfdefense.

rosemarie started her politicization with feminist self defense and later got interested in karate(in her 20ies). now (in her 30ies) she’s interested in intersecting forms of violence – often together with helga, exploring strategies as an ally and confronting own privileges.

 bring: comfortable clothes, soft shoes or socks

please bring yoga mats, if you have one


 2nd FSD training meeting: on 1st and 2nd of March 2014

from 11-14h and 15-17.30h

 with rada and suse from vienna

 we are a part of one wendo group (feminist self-defense) in vienna that is training together for about four years, although in the last year not so regularly. we both have longer experience with training feminist self-defense. suse has done a long training for a wendo trainer.

We are maybe not “professionals” (or we don’t see ourselves as such), but we would really like to share our knowledge and train together with you! we would like to support you in building a self-defense group in Budapest.

we can imagine coming to Budapest regularly, until you need supported trainings.
our invitation politix is womyn, lesbians and trans*

 At the weekend, we want to practice different techniques of self defense in a broad sense. This includes training of awareness of your own personal boundaries and how to protect them, to train how to defend yourself from sexist, homo/lesbophob, racist assaults verbally as well as physically, to train some practical and simple blocking and attacking skills and to get empowered by your own possibilities.

There is no previous knowledge required.
Please bring comfortable clothes!

Please express your interest in advance via email to

Upon registration you will receive the following up data; exact time, location (it is central) etc. If you are coming from a group, for the sake of simplicity you are asked to register only once, indicating your number and names respectively. If you can attend only one training indicate it but if you want to get involved in long term group, attendance to both training is pretty necessary.

Call for action – International solidarity with homeless people

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

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Poverty is not a  crime!

Poverty is not a crime!


We invite our friends all over the world to join our struggle against the criminalisation of homelessness in Hungary.

The 2010 election brought a comprehensive authoritarian and punitive turn in Hungary: constitutional democracy was essentially abolished; labour rights were curtailed; entitlement to welfare benefits was restricted and a harsh workfare regime was implemented; asylum-seekers became subject to an unjustifiable detention regime; increasingly severe penal policies were introduced with disproportionate sanctions; the surveillance of state employees was authorised on an unprecedented scale. Since the transition to capitalism in 1990, the poverty rate and the level of income inequality have never been as high as now.

Despite years of advocacy and protests, homelessness became a punishable offence in Hungary. In November 2012, the Constitutional Court struck down a law that criminalised street homelessness, arguing that the state should address homelessness as a social and not a criminal issue. In response, the governing party decided to change the Constitution itself, enabling local governments to punish “habitual residence in public spaces”. Homeless people can already be subjected to compulsory community work, monetary fine and imprisonment in most parts of Budapest, and several local authorities outside of the capital are also criminalising homelessness.

We, homeless and ally members of The City is for All are asking you to help us abolish this inhumane piece of legislation and express your solidarity with homeless people in Hungary.

If your time and resources allow, please organise a solidarity demonstration on one of the days between 13-15th of February, ideally in front of the Hungarian embassy or consulate in your country. If you do so, please send us pictures or videos so that we can publicise on our website and Facebook-page the international protest against the ongoing war on poor people in Hungary.

We hope that you will find a way to support our struggle. If you have any question regarding the event to be organised, the documentation, or the criminalisation of homelessness itself, please contact us at

Thank you for all your support!

The City is for All

« Être SDF n’est pas un délit ! » Appel à l’action : Solidarité internationale avec les SDF en Hongrie

Further information:

infographic video on the “homeless-free zones” in Budapest (with English text and subtitles)* 

a recent article that discusses the wider context of criminalisation of homelessness in Hungary (in English)

English translation of the main legislation on criminalisation

video of our most recent civil disobedience action against criminalisation (with English subtitles)

video of our most recent street protest against criminalisation (with English subtitles)

a video of one of our earlier civil disobedience action against criminalisation (with English subtitles)

a video on criminalisatoin by the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union

previous acts of international solidarity


Call-out for actions and manifestations on the 22 February 2014 !

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

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From the ZAD to Val Susa !
From Hambacher Forst to Square Taksim ?
Why not in your place ?

Resistance and Sabotage !

This call-out is motivated by
– the call-out of the NoTAV movement at Val di Susa in Italy
calling for a national day (22 02 2014) of mobilisation and action, each one in their area, city, environment.
– the call-out of the ZAD movement at Notre-dame-des-Landes in France
calling  for a national manifestation in Nantes, France

    This  is a call-out for actions and manifestations on the 22  February 2014 !

A day of action and sabotage to abolish all those megalomaniacs, devastating projects with the illusions of a durable development, green capitalism, geo-engeenering !
A day of action and sabotage to regain our freedom and rights to take decisions about our own lives, our environment, our planet,( in a emancipated manner),
instead of those in position of global decision-making, who are using the flag of democracy to impose their society of totalitarian power.
A day of action and sabotage to bring to a halt the destructions and exploitation of entire species, the waste of tons of raw materials and natural resources
everyday, justified by the term ‘public  interest’, while behind it there’s only money, profit and capital.
A day  of action and in solidarity with all those who fight, and for all those that lost their freedom and especially all those that are oppressed or imprisoned as “terrorists” or as simple delinquents.
A day of action and convergence with all those struggles heading for a different world, where life and common values are worth more than money, competition  and dominance.
No border ! No Nation ! No Pasaran ! No more BULLSHIT !

From the ZAD to Val Susa !
From Hambacher Forst to Square Taksim ?
From Calais to Lampedusa
Hambourg to Exarchia
From Heathrow to Atenco
From Valogne to Wendland
From Niscemi to Mayo
Monte Belo to Khimki
Fukushima to Tshernobyle
From prison to prison

Resistance et Sabotage !

A few persons from a ZAD.
And YOU ? (Send us a mail if you want to sign the call-out !)

Here the two strong calls from the NO-TAV Movement and the ZAD-occupation movement against the Airport in Notre dame des Landes :

Call for a national day of mobilization and struggle by the coordination committees of the NoTav Movement

Saturday, February 22 – National Day of Struggle
The coordination committees of  the NoTav movement, met up Wednesday 8th January 2014 in Villar Focchiardo, attentively assessed the very serious legal situation created by the recent arrests of Chiara, Claudio, Mattia and Niccolò, which has built a wall of juridical charges, developed to simply intimidate all sacrosanct struggles, which, also thanks to NoTav movement, are growing up in the country.

We actually noticed that in the trial record, investigators insisting on strictly legal terms, support a clear political thesis. Based on a brief history of legal acts and international summits which led to the installation of the construction site “Chiomonte” in Val Susa, the judges argue that it’s a democratic development. Whether action against the site – in connection with the listing of opposition practices whose thick file provides a long list – is defined “terrorist” not so much for its specific characteristics, but by the fact that’s opposing to an intergovernmental decision ? All decisions imposed by the state have a legal packaging, which means they are strictly based on the law. Everyone who puts a state project under discussion is liable to “terrorism”. This leaves only the platonic disagreement to be reduced to a movement of opinion ? Giving a specific character to its own “NO”, which at bottom is the essential characteristic of No-Tav movement, becomes undemocratic. Totalitarianism today speaks a different language: “You don’t like our democratic decisions ? You’re a terrorist, I’ll lock you up in jail and throw away the key “.

Let’s recall that from one period to another, the state and “strong powers” frontally attack the enemy on its strengths, not on it’s weak points. It becomes clear that the use of the category of terrorism against the No-Tav movement – for what it expresses and symbolizes – is in this sense a warning to all, for whatever other struggle movement. Thus becomes a terrorist anyone who’s disputing the decisions of the state, and dismantling the social pact designed by the Constituent Assembly.

Following up the logic of prosecutors and Rinaudo Padalino, the “terrorist” nature of the struggle against the Tav does not characterize a so-called “qualitative leap”, but its nature itself: this “NO” of twenty years experience, knowledge, confrontations and actions that are its consistent development. Not to be resigned in front of batons, gas, mechanical shovels, the Lince (economic and commercial expertise in Italy, ndt), incarcerations, the media terrorism, that’s the crime that contains all others.

For these reasons the NoTav Movement announces and proposes a national day of engagement and struggle, FEBRUARY 22, each in their own area, to all components of the fight that resist and fight against the waste of public resources, against the devastation of the territory, the right to housing for decent work, safe and paid fairly. A national day of struggle, area by area in defence of natural and constitutional right to veto government decisions that reflect the interests of powerful lobbies, banks and mafias at the expense of the people. Joint mobilization against the delirious use of laws on the part of prosecutors and the judiciary of Turin in solidarity with imprisoned comrades, with those comrades already condemned, and countless resistant which still face judgement for defending commons, a day of struggle that will follow in mid-March with a meeting point in Rome for the defence and the legitimacy of social struggles.

In preparation for the day of the struggle, we invite to call up for meetings in other areas to raise awareness on these issues as much as on projects that are opposed. In the Susa Valley about the construction of the motorway parking “Susa San Didero”, the area where they want to de-place the road from “Guida Sicura de Susa” à “Avigliana” and the railway line in the area of Borgone. Proposal approved by the coordination committees NoTav Movement.


Voices and Call-out from the ZAD to Val Susa : 
Resistance and Sabotage !

Destroying and devastating everything to go faster, to control Spaces and individuals, to gain always more money. Developing and making us believe that we can’t oppose it ourselves to those that oppresses us. This is the logic of the societies in which we live. It is the project of the Airport Notre-Dames-des-Landes . It is the one which transforms and bungles entire towns and villages where the poor people untangle. It is also the one of the TGV line ( TAV ) between Turin and Lyon which would have to go through the Val Susa Valley, digging the longest tunnel in Europe ( 57 km ) in the mountains, while crushing the rage of all those who are struggling since 20 years against.

Who fights against the Airport in NddL and the world who brings it with, can also recognize themselves in the No-TAV struggle. States and companies would like to have us docile and resigned. But in Val Susa as on the Zad, many people decided that the projects will not see daylight, and are not limited to passively ask policy-makers or continuing shouting “NO” which has been ignored for years. They act up and are experimenting with a diversity of actions to oppose to despoilment and devastation.

Against the attacks of the state, they are resisting and choose to be in solidarity with each others. When cops and soldiers came to evict and destroy, the Zad was responding massively and our determination has thwarted their intervention.

In Val de Susa, it’s more than two years that the state, its cops and soldiers, built a fortress to “protect” the building site of Maddalena. But the movement continues day and night to cut fences , block machines , to manifest despite the barbed wire, the cameras, batons, tear gas and other repressive offensive. On the night of 13 to 14 May, an anonymous thirty No-Tav activists attacked the construction site of the High-Speed-Train in Val de Susa, by entering inside and burning down materials and equipment. This fast and accurate action had demonstrated, once again, that the fortress of “La Maddalena” is not untouchable and it is possible to stop the operation. Sabotage as part of the struggle, which was supported publicly by the No-Tav movement.

On 9 December 2013, the political police, on the orders of prosecutors of Turin and Milan, jailed four comrades, Chiara, MaTTia, Niccolo and Claudio, for “attack with purpose of terrorism”. They are accused of participation in the action of May. The accusations revolve around Article 270 of the Italian Criminal Code: “causing harm to Italy and the European Union with the objective of forcing legitimate national and European authorities to refrain from engaging and financing on the high-speed-rail-line between Lyon and Turin”. The appearance of these accusations against the No-Tav activists does not come from nowhere. Faced with a movement of struggle that confronts state decisions and reinforces the diversity of actions and the number of individuals who take part, the state is in trouble, so they are playing the card of “terrorist” repression. It is necessary to take into account that this juristic weapon is used by the power against the movement as a whole. The state imposes its decisions “democratically” based on the force of law and legality, legitimacy, making them compelling. Democracy is a like a reinforced door against any form of disagreement, in exception they concede moaning. The disagreement does not stop, the door is reinforced with barbed wire and soldiers. The disagreement is resistance and sabotage, it reveals the “terrorist purposes” of the fight. The power and speaks a clear language: “You dont like our democratic decisions and you act against ? You are a terrorist!”. Movements against the TAV and the Airport gave concreteness to a clear “NO” through years of experience, knowledge, confrontations and actions. It is this determination that becomes Anti-democratic and terrorist, not a specific action: the attack on the site that night. This repressive offensive is the application of a device thought against any social conflict, and can hit any struggle. It is important to respond as massive as possible .

Terrorists are those who vandalize and destroy our lives and the spaces we inhabit. The terrorist is the state. Support for all those comrades detained and charged is not only an act of solidarity, but the determined claim of struggle and its reasons in Val Susa, the Zad and everywhere.

On February 22, a day of solidarity action was called by the Movement NoTav. The event of 22 February 2014 in Nantes against the airport is an opportunity to scream our support towards our comrades and share the same breath of determination : the fight does not stop !
Freedom for Mattia , Chiara , Claudio e Nicco.
Freedom for All
For more information on the NoTav struggle
on the arrests (in Italian)
on the struggle against the Airport


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get in touch here